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Comprehensive metagenomic and transcriptomic characterization of astronauts.
Christopher E. Mason, Ph.D., Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, NY, USA

Thursday, February 15th, 10 am-10:20 am

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While you are at AGBT, we invite you to visit our posters:

NEBNext Direct Custom Ready Panels Overcome
Challenges Associated with Targeted Re-sequencing

Barry, A. J. et al.

NicE-seq: High Resolution
Open Chromatin Profiling

Ponnaluri, V. K. C. et al.

Somatic Variant Calls are Directly Confounded by
Mutagenic Signatures Caused by Artifactual Damage

Ettwiller, L. M. et al.

Transcript Profiling of Terrestrial or Space-based Blood RNA using
a Novel RNA Library Prep Method

Rodríguez, D. N. et al.

A Multi-enzyme DNA Repair Mix Improves Library
Quality and Sequencing Accuracy in FFPE Tumor Samples

Heider, M. R. et al.

A Dual Enrichment/Depletion Method Enhances Sensitivity to Detect Coding Transcripts in Blood

Sexton, B. S. et al.

Simple and Robust Genotyping by Sequencing of Plants
with Highly Specific, Hybridization-based Capture and
Conversion to Illumina-compatible Libraries

Hendrickson, C., Directed Genomics et al.

A Single-tube, Low Input Protocol for
PacBio Iso-Seq SMRT
cDNA Library Construction

Sun, L. et al.

Improving Transcriptome Profiling for Single Cell
and Low Input RNA

Krishnan, K. et al.

Novel Bisulfite-free Method Enables Long Range Phasing
of DNA Methylation at Single Base Resolution

Sun, Z. et al.

Improved Measurement of Library Cross-Contamination
Due to Exclusion Amplification

Langhorst, B. W. et al.

“Bisulfite-free” Methylome
Analysis at Single-base Resolution

Williams, L. et al.

Highly Multiplexed Profiling of DNA Ligase Fidelity
and Bias via Pacific Biosciences SMRT Sequencing

Lohman, G. J. S. et al.

SMRT-cappable-seq Reveals the Complex Operome of Bacteria

Yan, B. et al.

The Effect of Base Modification on RNA Polymerase
and Reverse Transcriptase Fidelity

Ong, J. L. et al.